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Ensure Your Love One is Taken Care Of

Conservatorships can be necessary when your loved one becomes unable to handle their affairs or make financial or medical decisions for themselves.  Sometimes this need arises due to a disability from birth.  Other times, it may be necessary as one ages and is no longer capable of living as independently as he or she once did.  In some circumstances, conservatorship can be the key to safeguarding a vulnerable individual from the schemes of those who wish to take advantage of those vulnerabilities.

Practice Areas

Assisting Clients with the Unknown

As with all cases we handle, we endeavor to find the most efficient and effective solution for your situation. Our attorneys will help you navigate all available strategies for protecting your loved one, whether that be conservatorship, power of attorney, or other methods.

We can assist with:

  • Assessing whether other options short of conservatorship are appropriate
  • Preparing the necessary documents for filing with the court
  • Assisting with annual filings and accountancy required by the court

Because we have years of experience with conservatorships, we can also provide guidance when:

  • A vulnerable individual resists the assistance of loved ones in obtaining conservatorship
  • A conservatorship is sought but is not necessary
  • A conservator mishandles assets or neglects the individual in his care