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Insightful Counsel For Complex Legal Matters

Creating Solutions For All Parties

For many decades, Waldrop & Hall, P.A. has represented insurance companies in those unfortunate circumstances where parties to a claim are unable to resolve their disputes. The legal system works at its best when both parties to a dispute have competent and zealous representation. The legal professionals at Waldrop & Hall, P.A. value longstanding relationships with their clients, which is why many of our insurance clients have been with us for many years and continue to refer new clients.

Practice Areas

The attorneys at Waldrop & Hall, P.A. always endeavor to provide strategic advice to move claims to resolution. Sometimes this means settlement, while in other instances this means seeing a case through to trial or even appeal. We practice in state and administrative courts all over West Tennessee. Whatever the forum, we strive to provide cost-effective solutions for you.

We can assist with:

  • Claims strategy and management while an injured party is seeking treatment
  • Discovery and investigation with problematic or questionable claims
  • Negotiation of disputes and court approval of settlements
  • Preparation of documents for filing in court as well as zealous representation through trial and appeal, as necessary

Our decades of experience uniquely position us to:

  • Strategize concerning claim management in light of Tennessee precedent
  • Anticipate areas of dispute and be prepared to respond when those disputes arise so as to always posture the client for the best outcome at trial
  • Utilize negotiation strategies that serve the client’s goals, whether that is swift settlement or litigation through trial