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Insightful Counsel For Complex Legal Matters

Streamlining The Estate And Probate Process

It can take time to find closure after a loved one has passed. If you are responsible for executing your loved one’s estate or trust, it can be difficult to fulfill these duties while attending to your grief. This is not a burden you need to shoulder alone.
Waldrop & Hall, P.A., understands Tennessee’s estate administration and probate process. Our Jackson firm was founded in 1926 and is recognized throughout West Tennessee for its high-caliber advocacy. We identify straightforward remedies for complex legal matters. We know how to handle the conflicts that arise when estates are probated.
You can rely on us to provide the compassionate and skilled legal advice you need during this trying time.

Practice Areas

Addressing All Concerns Related To Estate Administration And Probate

Partner Hailey H. David has helped many Madison County families administer estate plans and has represented them in probate court.

Attorney David assists executors with tasks that include:

  • Locating and itemizing all property and assets
  • Closing accounts related to the estate
  • Discharging debts associated with the estate
  • Notifying beneficiaries and creditors

Our legal team pursues out-of-court remedies whenever possible. Whether your circumstances require court involvement in your probate matter, Ms. David will pursue the most effective course of action. She streamlines probate using methods that include:

  • Small estate procedure
  • Deed transfers
  • Affidavits of heirship
  • Muniment of title

Should probate disputes arise, Ms. David will litigate your case when necessary. She is qualified to represent clients in court for a range of probate litigation matters that include:

  • Will disputes and trust contests
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Elder law disputes
  • Undue influence

At Waldrop & Hall, we recognize that it can be overwhelming to face loss and legal issues. Contact us to learn how our comprehensive estate planning and probate services can help you find effective solutions.

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Our firm serves families throughout West Tennessee. We are dedicated to serving you with the professionalism and discretion you deserve. Arrange your free and confidential case assessment at our office by completing our contact form or by dialing 731-424-6211.