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Striking A Balance

Whether by choice or inheritance, individuals often find themselves owning real estate with others.  In some scenarios, this situation can be profitable or helpful to all involved.  In other instances, joint ownership gives rise to disputes over who will pay for taxes, insurance, and upkeep; who will reside on or use the property; who retains the income from the property; and when and whether to sell the property.  When negotiations fail to resolve such disputes, action in court – known as a partition suit – may be necessary.  A partition suit forces the parties to find a resolution, whether one party buys out another or the property is sold.

Practice Areas

Because property disputes involve understanding deed language and oftentimes inheritance laws, you should not attempt to resolve property and joint ownership disputes without an attorney. Our initial consultation is always free. In some partition cases, our fees can be paid after the property is sold. Whatever the situation, we endeavor to find a solution, in or out of court, that achieves your goals.

We can assist with:

  • Assessing how a property is owned, including assisting with any probate work necessary to prove inheritance
  • Negotiating disputes about taxes, expenses, or sale of property
  • Preparing and filing the necessary pleadings for filing with the court and representing you through the court process

Our many years of experience with partition cases and inheritance issues means we are well-suited to:

  • Navigate complicated ownership and inheritance issues
  • Deal with individuals who are uncooperative or who may not be legally able to make decisions for themselves (e.g. minors, incompetents) about the property
  • Developing a plan to avoid future ownership disputes when one or more persons wish to retain the property